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Albi app

The Albi app is a digital photo album designed specifically for people with Alzheimer's and dementia and for their care givers.
Its' goal is to allow intuitive wondering down memory lanes but also to organize the users' memories in form of an archive. Presenting them with the option to display photos, recordings, and videos by years, tags, locations and more.

As a granddaughter of a woman with dementia I often found myself speechless when visiting my grandmother. I believe much of the difficulty lies in the lack of tools to deal with this sort of encounter. The app is a tool for both people suffering from dementia and their care givers. it provides short appropriate memory games to sharpen the mind and allow intuitive connecting and joyful use.

The color pallet was inspired by the official Alzheimer's color, and by the shades of Myosotis sylvatica, a flower also known as "forget me not".


A collaboration with Aya Dekel, Noa Zaidman and Lior Sukenik

Under ongoing development at "Carmel 6000" a Hilma & Amit initiative

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